Hey everyone! I am a 17 year old patient at Vargo. I started my treatment with Dr. Vargo in August and I have loved it so far! I have Invisalign, a series of practically invisible aligner trays (like retainers) that straighten your teeth.


My teeth before Invisalign

I’ve had Invisalign for almost six months now and it’s really working for me so far. I can already see a difference in my teeth and they look great. It’s so much easier than braces (I had braces for four years prior to treatment with Dr. Vargo) and most people can hardly tell you have it! I thought it was going to be different. I thought it was going to hurt like braces and that you could see the attachments (small, clear bumps on your teeth) more than you actually can. You can hardly tell there is anything in your mouth. I actually had a friend tell me this week she had no idea I had Invisalign until I took my trays out. All you do is take the trays out when you eat, drink sugary or dark drinks and when you brush your teeth. They pop out really easily and go back in right after you eat or drink. I try to brush my teeth before I put my trays back in but sometimes that isn’t an option, so I just make sure to rinse my mouth out with water before they go back in my mouth. Everything is pretty much the same since before I started Invisalign; I can eat whatever I want and drink whatever I want WHILE my teeth are being straightened and WITHOUT annoying braces! One thing I also didn’t know is how often I would be changing sets of aligners. Everyone’s wear time is different, but I wear mine for ten days per set. I only have to go to the office every three months!! **BONUS** – you can also use your Invisalign trays for whitening! Just put a little of your favorite whitening solution into the trays and pop them in! I absolutely love my Invisalign and I can’t WAIT to see my finished results! Thanks Dr. Vargo for taking such great care of my teeth 🙂


My teeth now- WITH my Invisalign tray’s in! You can’t even tell!